Metal works, ship repairs and underwater operations


Our team of skilled metal workers are involved in offshore structures building, ship repairs and container repairs.

Mastering many welding techniques, no matter how technical or critical your welding task may be, our welding team can handle the job. Our team consists of 15 skilled welders with various welding certificates and different experiences. Our welders, fitters and fabricators are skilled professionals and experienced mainly on ship repairs, marine construction and various metal works, aluminum welding included (small craft).


We can respond quickly to emergency and breakdown situations or to planned construction, maintenance and dry dock projects through our partners in Estonia and Latvia. Workshops located in Tallinn/Estonia and Liepaja/Latvia. Dry docks located in Pärnu and Saaremaa/Estonia and Liepaja/Latvia.

Overhauling of main and auxiliary engines costs can vary greatly depending on the company you are ordering. With the experience of our servicemen, we provide a quality of work on the level of the Scandinavian countries for a price well below average. We provide general overhauling of main and auxiliary engines.


We provide in-water hull cleaning, propeller polishing and in-water surveys to complex ship repairs. Services are available in Estonian waters, both at anchorages and in ports.

Our partner has 40 years of experience providing underwater construction-repairs, underwater cleaning-polishing and inspection-surveys. With 1000 assignments annually, 8 professional diving teams and flexible mobilization we can serve you at any time needed!

Contact us in any case you might need underwater help for your vessel at Baltic region and we will send the teams out to your designated port of call or with our speedboat to anchorage areas.



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