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What we offer

For companies

Nordcrewing was founded by group of experienced maritime professionals. Headquarters located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Nordcrewing main activity is to provide recruitment services in Nordic countries and Europe, offering recruitment and full crew management. We supply seagoing staff for merchant fleet, yacht industry and offshore. We are co-operating with shipyards all over Europe, providing shore based staff.

What makes Nordcrewing best partner in recruitment?

We have developed all the pipelines and management softwares by ourselves. We use smart technologies and integrations to make maritime recruitment more efficient!

Other activities and services include Technical Management&Surveys, Contracting for shipbuilding, Underwater repairs and Hull cleaning at Baltic Sea, Deep Sea Pilotage&Ice Advisory on Baltic Sea, Ship&Port Agency services in all Estonian ports, Crew transfers.

For job seekers

We consider the employees to be the most important factor in crew management and securing a crew with a high retention rate is our highest priority. Therefore our employees are the most valuable resource in the chain.

We offer awesome opportunities to work with leading maritime companies and shipyards mainly located in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and other European countries.

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