Nordcrewing Group as a shipping agent company is officially acknowledged by the Estonian Maritime Administration since 2018

Ensuring a time and cost-efficient turnaround in all Estonian ports, our team does offer a personal 24/7 service. Through extensive experience over many decades from providing services to Ship-Owners, Shippers or Receivers we are able to cater your needs during a port call at any time in order to avoid any delays.

Our main services inlcude:

  • Ordering of Pilot
  • Ordering of Tugs
  • Port clearances
  • Ordering of supplies and bunkers
  • Arrangement of repair and maintenance works needed on board
  • Organization of cargo handling works

Crew transfers

Sometimes it’s easier to perform crew change at sea. Nordcrewing offers crew transfer service on Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland.

Price includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel bookings
  • Documentation arrangements
  • Crew transfers at sea with speed boat


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