deep sea pilotage at Baltic&North Sea, Ice Advisory at Baltic Sea


Our Deep Sea Pilotage offers the best operational support and assistance for Masters, Officers, Owners and Ship managers to manage these risks in the Northern European waters. We offer Deep Sea Pilotage at Baltic Sea & North Sea.

According to the  IMO Resolution A.1081 (28) it is recommended to take a Deep Sea Pilot for those vessels which:
• are constrained by their draught;
• infrequently sailing in the respective area and coming from or bound for ports in the Baltic Sea and North Sea; or
• are oil tankers in loaded condition and all loaded chemical tankers and gas carriers, irrespective of size.

Don’t take unnecessary risks, let us support you in these intense and busy traffic areas.


Nordcrewing team of Ice Advisors operate on Baltic Sea. We provide Ice Advisory services for all areas in the Baltic Sea. Our Ice Advisor will join the vessel on the inbound or outbound voyage prior entry or exit into or from Baltic Sea. At the request of the customer, Ice Advisor will join the vessel at confirmed waypoint or at port of the departure.

Our Ice Pilots have experience working as Masters on ice breakers and on cargo vessels navigating in ice, also as Ice Advisors in Polar regions. Our team of Ice Pilots come from Finland and Estonia.


Service fee at sea: 1200EUR per day (24h)

Service fee at port or anchorage: 25EUR per hour

Communication fee: 25EUR per day

Travel costs, Pilot Boat/embarkation/disembarkation excluded.

Nordcrewing Group shall pay the salary, insurance or medical costs and all other employer’s expenses of the Pilot/Advisor who shall remain Nordcrewing Group’s employee.


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